Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lots of Begetting Around Here...

Yep, it's all about the birds and the bees(even bumbly ones!)

Twas a very busy spring around our home and crazy gardens. The number of fledglings at our feeders is amazing. The amount of seed we've gone through is also amazing...yoiks! Not to mention jelly for the Baltimore Orioles, nectar for the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and overly ripe bananas set out for the butterflies. A lot of the critters make it just fine without our help as know, that circle of life thing. Insects eat nectar and each other. Frogs and toads eat the insects. Snakes eat the frogs and toads. Chipmunks eat seeds, nuts, insects...not too picky. Minks eat anything that can't run fast enough like pokey chipmunks. I eat TV dinners. Doodles eats whatever happens to be growing in the gardens, like garlic mustard! Ummm...greenie...

 This is one VERY tired American Robin.

 The first nest had three little piggies fledge.
One day we saw them, the next day gone!
These nests were right next to our side door. We put up with daily strafing attacks by the adults.
That was a big surprise for our mailman!

 They were so proud of the first nest they built a second!
Right next door.
We may run out of room here...

 It's hard work eating all them worms!

 It's even harder work catching all those worms to pack down these bottomless pits!

 I think it may be a little crowded in there...
 The brave one.
He decided it was too crowded and went wandering around the honeysuckle vine.
(Actually, I think he was kicked out for walking on everyone's heads.)

 It's amazing how fast they disappear and reappear all over the garden!

 We keep hoping the Monarchs will lay eggs on the milkweeds we have planted around the gardens.

 We haven't seen a Black Swallowtail, but it's obvious by the six(!) lil caterpillars chowing down on the fennel that they were here.
 The Baltimore Orioles have been at the feeders and gathering nest materail again.
It's close by, but I haven't spotted it yet.

 His job is to empty the feeders daily.

 This Black-capped Chickadee built his nest in that little house on our garage.

 The Doodles followed the fledgling until it slowed down enough to get a photo.
It was fun to watch him hopping down the drive, zig zagging, until he disappeared.
 I know this Eastern Cottontail by the notch on his ear.
He lives in the wildflower garden out front.
I'm sure there's more than a couple "juniors" out there!

 Common Grackle mocking our duck decoy.
They have been very prolific this year!

 The Garter Snake has been spotted swimming in our little pond chasing tadpoles and frogs.
We are now short a few frogs.

 This Green Frog thought this hollowed out rock would be a good hiding place.

 I lost count on how many made it from tadpoles to this stage.

 The Gray Catbirds nest next door(at the nice neighbors.)
I'm still waiting to see little ones.

 This was a big surprise!
The Doodles came running down the drive as I was working in the garden screaming!
"Baby Minks!"
Holy cow! There's four baby minks wrestling behind our garage.
And there went one of the parents with a dead frog for snack time.
We got it all here in our little CrazyLand!

 Another high quality nest building job by the resident Mourning Doves.
By the way, that's not a ping pong ball.

 This is The Doodles fledgling friend.
It kept her company on the patio while Doodles watered the flowers.

 I know the Northern Cardinals are nesting close by.

 The Red-bellied Woodpeckers are living a couple of doors down and visit the nut feeder all day.
Must be some hungry babies out there.

 The Red-winged Blackbirds are nesting near a large pond on the other side of the railroad tracks behind our house.

 King of the feeders!
The female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have been going at the feeders non stop.
Now there's a nest I would love to find!

I don't even want to think of what's going on down under our gardens...
Argh...more Bobbs running around!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The First Annual "Congressional Cloaca" Award!!! (updated for your enjoyment!)

 (My apologies to those who like American Robins.)

I've been very polite for some time now. No rants. No raves. Today...I can't take it anymore. John Boener is well deserving of this award. As the "Speaker of the House," and the chief cloaca of Congress, I have decided to honor him with the first annual(or maybe more) "Congressional Cloaca!"

Among his many achievements to date...

*Trying to repeal the health care law 52 times. Why should the United States actually try to help it's citizens like every other major democracy?

*Blocking the passing of a budget on more than one occasion to kill our economy and place more of the middle class out of work.

* "Raise the minimum wage? Communist poppycock!" (Not an actual quote, but it's my blog.)

*Extending unemployment? Why that would cost money and we don't have the budget! Now starting wars all over the world, we have money for that. I just don't get that one.

*No immigration reform, we'll just complain about it and not do anything.

*Education? It's bad for big business. An educated public can be a dangerous thing.

*Boehner and his allies love those American Terrorists. Cliven Bundy for example and the Open Carry folks in Texas. Imagine a minority person walking the streets carrying an assault weapon, they would be shot in a second.

*BENGAZI, BENGAZI, BENGAZI! How many inquests can you have? Imagine the tax dollars that could be used for something infrastructure construction!

*Really, trying to impeach the president because you just don't agree?

*Crying incessantly...

*Having a bad fake tan.

...and the number one reason...

"I believe the president is not faithfully executing the laws of this country." So...he's filing a lawsuit against the president. When asked on what grounds and what actions he was going to challenge..the super genius of the GOP answered..."When I make that decision, I'll let you know."

In other words, Boner and his fellow tea party members, lobbyists from the super pacs, the NRA, the oil companies and the coal industry haven't thought of anything yet. And they want to rule the world...very scary.

I hope soon Americans will figure out that these people don't have their best interests in mind. It all comes down to profit, and who gets the biggest share.

The face of an honest man?

Have a nice day...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Longest Twitch, Feeling Warm and Fuzzy..

We heard about a White-faced Ibis wandering about at Metzger Marsh, 
butt our luck with chasing rarities has never worked out too well.
We saw an suv from Texas parked along the road and the driver was waving madly as we drove up.
She spotted the Ibis!
Sometimes things just work out...

This is The Doodles ad for the new Kia Soul , the buggy for burders...

Of course, just as I put on a 2X converter, our little friend decides it's time to go.
Gosh, it sure would be nice to have a Canon 500mm lens...anyone from Canon out there?

 Metzger Marsh is our 32nd stop on the Lake Erie Birding Trail. It's only a few minutes west of Magee and Ottawa NWR right along Lake Erie's shore. This place is great for viewing ducks in the early spring and fall as they migrate through. There are a number of pull offs along the road in to stop and scan for shorebirds and waterfowl...and those cute little warblyz!

Speaking of warblyz...that looks like a Wilson's hiding in the grass...hmmm...

 Wait! Now he's in the tree!

There he is!
@#^&! Hold Still!

 In the meantime...there's a Common Moor...uh Gallinule...
Don't you hate when they keep changing names?

 When I titled this "Warm and Fuzzy," I really meant it was very warm out in the full sun of the afternoon, and that stoopid Wilson's was fuzzy!
Honest I was focused, that burd was blurry.
An unknown fact about warblrz, that can make themselves appear blurry.
That explains a lot, doesn't it?
Another burd lesson from the Loopyone.

(No one will get that joke but me...)

I am being tormented by this Wilson's Warbly!

The Doodles likes to laugh at me when I run around like a crazy(duh!) person.


Anyway...there's a path along the dike between the lake and the marsh.
Lots of good birds can be seen through here...and bugs...

Oh, give me a break!

Stoopid Chipmunk.
Keep laughing and you're gonna walk home!

Almost got you that time!

Oh look...being easily distracted, I noticed these Ruddy Turnstones preening after a rough morning of stone turning.

Ooo...there's that @%%#*! Wilson's again!

Great. The Bloody...oops...Ruddy Turnstones heard me yell and took off.

Are you going to do this all day?

I'll take pics of the cute little Yellow Warbly collecting grass for her nest.

Caught you while you weren't looking!
The ole fake out...

And there's my cute little Yellow buddy again.
She's laughing at me too.

Here's Willie giving me the raspberries!
One day, Wilson, one day!

I give up...